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Hello, my name is Dr. Paul Bass and I want to thank Sharon Lampley and the entire American Mold Solution's remediation crew for saving my home.

After hiring two other companies and several years of attempting to eliminate the mold, there was still toxic mold in most every room in my home. The local company I hired just used ozone, air sanitizers and filter equipment. They vented my crawlspace but did not remove or clean anything. The second company was from out of state. They systematically guessed at what was causing the problems, sprayed chemicals on everything in the home about 3 times, removed some drywall, and pulled out all of the carpet. They replaced the subflooring and installed hardwood throughout the home. Everything they recommended I did to try to help eliminate our problems. Meanwhile I was watching my beautiful wife's health continue to deteriorate. Finally I called American Mold Solutions. Sharon Lampley came in and inspected our home, analyzed all of the problems, created a scope of work, and they methodically got the job done paying close attention to the smallest of details.

I have been totally pleased with the honest determined commitment to uncovering every last contaminant in my home and eliminating it in an environmentally safe manner. Please don't wait, I highly recommend American Mold Solutions for their diligence, green, non carcinogenic approach to removing all aspects of mold and contaminants from my home. Job very well done, they are the best.

Dr. Paul Bass
Tullahoma TN

Saturday, January 3, 2015

June 17, 2006 - Condo's Franklin TN

New Construction – 4 Three Story Condo Units – Franklin, TN

Builder has a mold condition in the basement on the firewalls between units.  Purple fabric covered drywall was suppose to be mold resistant.  Builder had tried a mold killer chemical and was not successful. 
These units were still under construction and not completely dried in, there were no mechanicals and still on temporary power.  The full basements are below grade and allowed the rain to collect, during the construction process and with no power the sump pumps were not operable to eliminate the water.  This has allowed the moisture, as well as the mold, to wick up these fire walls.  There is also visible manifestation on the first floor fire wall.  After a thorough inspection there are several areas of concern.
 All active growing molds were treated with an oxidizing solution, which burns  the mold and kills it and bubbles it out of the pores it has grown into.  When this process occurs the mold spores very rapidly trying to reproduce as fast as it can and it appears to be smoking.  The total cubic feet of air is also cleaned during the entire spraying process and continued until final test results are received from the lab.  The air sanitization equipment used creates hydroxyls, which oxidizes all living airborne contaminants such as mold spores, germs, bacteria, viruses etc.  The ionization of the air sanitizers utilizes the moisture in the air to clump all the fine contaminants together to make them heavier than air and drops to the floor. 
Each unit was cleaned and cleared by the lab and flipped back to the builder in 15 days.  This was a huge job since there was no HVAC for air circulation, so 12 20" box fans were used per unit.  It is close to impossible to clean stagnant air so keeping all the fans running plus the air sanitizers and air scrubbers just using temporary power was hard until the builder added a second temporary electric box to handle the load.
Lab reports indicate no elevated or toxic molds exist upon completion. of each unit.

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