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Hello, my name is Dr. Paul Bass and I want to thank Sharon Lampley and the entire American Mold Solution's remediation crew for saving my home.

After hiring two other companies and several years of attempting to eliminate the mold, there was still toxic mold in most every room in my home. The local company I hired just used ozone, air sanitizers and filter equipment. They vented my crawlspace but did not remove or clean anything. The second company was from out of state. They systematically guessed at what was causing the problems, sprayed chemicals on everything in the home about 3 times, removed some drywall, and pulled out all of the carpet. They replaced the subflooring and installed hardwood throughout the home. Everything they recommended I did to try to help eliminate our problems. Meanwhile I was watching my beautiful wife's health continue to deteriorate. Finally I called American Mold Solutions. Sharon Lampley came in and inspected our home, analyzed all of the problems, created a scope of work, and they methodically got the job done paying close attention to the smallest of details.

I have been totally pleased with the honest determined commitment to uncovering every last contaminant in my home and eliminating it in an environmentally safe manner. Please don't wait, I highly recommend American Mold Solutions for their diligence, green, non carcinogenic approach to removing all aspects of mold and contaminants from my home. Job very well done, they are the best.

Dr. Paul Bass
Tullahoma TN

Saturday, January 3, 2015

10/4/2006 - Tweeters - Cool Springs

Commercial - Tweeters – 1728 Galleria Blvd.

The cutting room was the area with the most activity.  Even with the removal of most of the effected wood, there were still signs of mold in the wood that remains.  The musty smell associated with mold was not very noticeable.  There is a shipping/receiving bay area before entering this room that shows some signs of mold also.  The only moisture source found has to be from the HVAC registers, condensating when the humidity enters from outside, when the bay door is opened. 

When the bay door is closed and the sun hits it there is a huge heat gain across the entire surface of this door for several hours.  The heat radiates into the room three to four feet.

There is also signs of mold in some of the small media rooms around the supply registers in the ceiling.  In the showroom there are several ceiling tiles with obvious signs of moisture.  It was noted they have had some roof leaks in the past.

Two or more of the ceiling tile stains appear to be where a can light is located near or under an HVAC supply line.  The heat from the can light causes the un-insulated duct to condensate at that point and drip onto the ceiling tile.

This is a 12 hour/3 day accelerated clean up process.  All the spraying shall take place while closed and will be performed while the structure is unoccupied.  Starting at closing (9:00 pm, Saturday Night) and ceasing 1 hour before opening to the public the following day (11:00 am Sunday.)

Final test results indicate no elevated levels exist upon completion.

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