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Hello, my name is Dr. Paul Bass and I want to thank Sharon Lampley and the entire American Mold Solution's remediation crew for saving my home.

After hiring two other companies and several years of attempting to eliminate the mold, there was still toxic mold in most every room in my home. The local company I hired just used ozone, air sanitizers and filter equipment. They vented my crawlspace but did not remove or clean anything. The second company was from out of state. They systematically guessed at what was causing the problems, sprayed chemicals on everything in the home about 3 times, removed some drywall, and pulled out all of the carpet. They replaced the subflooring and installed hardwood throughout the home. Everything they recommended I did to try to help eliminate our problems. Meanwhile I was watching my beautiful wife's health continue to deteriorate. Finally I called American Mold Solutions. Sharon Lampley came in and inspected our home, analyzed all of the problems, created a scope of work, and they methodically got the job done paying close attention to the smallest of details.

I have been totally pleased with the honest determined commitment to uncovering every last contaminant in my home and eliminating it in an environmentally safe manner. Please don't wait, I highly recommend American Mold Solutions for their diligence, green, non carcinogenic approach to removing all aspects of mold and contaminants from my home. Job very well done, they are the best.

Dr. Paul Bass
Tullahoma TN

Sunday, December 28, 2014

First Year - May 2004 - December 2004

Request for mold inspections and where it can manifest and why.

1.)  McMurray Drive, Nashville:  Odors and smells in Kitchen: Crawlspace
Bathroom tub drain leaking into crawlspace allowing water to pond on the vapor barrier.  The clothes dryer was vented into crawlspace, creating excessive moisture and humidity.  Outside water faucet dripping at the foundation allowing water to seep into the crawlspace.

2.) Fieldstone Farms, Franklin:  Mold everywhere in the home and crawlspace.
Homeowners on vacation and children ran dishwasher with dish soap instead of dishwasher solution, then went to bed.  Dishwasher overran pouring water throughout the first floor and the water ran down into the crawlspace.  The water was cleaned up but was not dried out thoroughly allowing microbial growth to form throughout the first floor and crawlspace.

3.) Windsor Park, Franklin:  Several places in the home has mold and won’t go away.
Excessive moisture in the crawl space and the presence of mold on the floor joists.  There are a few spots around exterior doors at the threshold that are decayed.  Moisture on the floors under all the widows to the front of the home upstairs and down.  Moisture is present on the inside side of the exterior sheathing under the windows in the den.  There is a shower curb in the master bath and a questionable area in the breakfast room.  The outside corner at the garage wall that has allowed water to permeate into the garage itself at the plate/band.

4.) Kingston Springs:  Mold and moisture in the basement.
The huge holly bushes up against the front of the home has trapped water in that area and the ground has settled allowing the water to follow the root system down the front of the foundation creating excessive moisture in the front rooms of the basement.  The second source is the downspouts need to be piped out away from the house.

5.) Bellevue, Condominium High-rise Condos, 1st Floor Unit:  Mold on the ceiling tiles
The source of the damage is in the vicinity of the mechanical chase/HVAC register in the wall between the living room and the bedroom at the glass doors/windows.  In both rooms mold is visible on the ceiling tiles and baseboards.  Water stains are visible on the drapes in the living room and the baseboards in that same area display a significant accumulation of fungal growth.

6.) Arno Rd. Franklin:  Windows have been leaking when it rains.
Small amounts of active mold at the corners and sill areas of the side windows.
There was also a very small amount where the floor and wall meet under these subject windows.

7.) Kidd Rd. Nolensville:  Smells musty odor from some of the floor registers, there appears to be mold on some of the ceiling registers upstairs and mold can be seen in the crawl space and also has a musty odor.
In the attic, the only active mold found was in the air conditioning condensate drain pan. 
In the crawlspace, the musty smell was quite obvious and the floor joist, vapor barrier and ground all indicated active mold.